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The one time you are dieting and doing well–all of a sudden, all these events and weddings and parties as well as dates and other invitations come up, making it feel impossible to avoid excessive calories! This is when people generally start breaking into a sweat. How is it that they stay on the diet they originated with and not fall off the wagon so hard they bounce? Well, there are simple ways to accomplish this and if you keep your head clear–you will get through it virtually unscathed. When you aren’t eating at home, it is very important to know how to avoid excessive calories.

Get Prepared to Avoid Excessive Calories

Let people know around you that you are dieting and doing well. Let them know that if they want to help you -they can do so–by letting you know in advance when an event or an invitation will be given and if it isn’t too much trouble to let you know where you will be dining or what kind of food will be served.

For good friends who care and those who don’t wish to sabotage your good efforts–this should not pose an issue. If it does–think of yourself first and politely decline–you need a firm support system. Chances are that they will support you in your decision to avoid excessive calories.

When You Know Where You’ll Be Dining

Get a hold of the online menu and if you don’t find calorie information there, call the restaurant and ask for a few meal suggestions between certain calorie ranges.  Some dining establishments will have it right on the menu, which makes it much easier to make your choice and avoid excessive calories even if you didn’t know where you’d be eating ahead of time.

That said, it really is ideal when you’ll know in advance where you’ll be eating and when the online menu provides you with all the information you need. Be sure to check for signs that the menu hasn’t been updated in a while.  After doing all that “homework” in advance, the last thing you want to do is have your option memorized from the Christmas themed menu when you’ll be headed out to eat in March or September. You don’t want to choose something just to have to think about it all over again when you arrive. 

If you’re not sure whether you’ll remember your options, take note of what appeals to you on a slip of paper or on your phone and viola–you have a plan to avoid excessive calories!

Avoiding Excessive Calories Once You’re Seated

The first thing you are normally asked is “Can we start you with some drinks?” Keep in mind that alcohol has a load of calories and so do sodas and other drinks. Make sure you are not drinking empty calories and undermining the whole deciding what to eat ahead of time.

The Tried-and-True Strategy

This is a tried-and-true trick that works. As soon as the waitress takes your drink order–ask them to return with a to-go box so you can put half your food in first thing! That way, the portion in front of you is automatically the right size and, hey, you’ll now have a second meal already prepared for your next lunch or dinner! Can’t feel anything but good about that, right? Of course, not all restaurants provide the kind of atmosphere that makes you feel that you can ask for a to-go box at the start of your meal.  Fancier restaurants aren’t quite doggy bag friendly.  When that’s the case, just keep a careful eye on the extras you consume.  For instance, consider skipping the bread served before your meal arrives.