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Getting enough physical activity each and every day is extremely important for everybody who walks the earth, but it is especially vital for women who are pregnant. While carrying an unborn child, the body goes through a variety of drastic changes. In order to combat the negative effects of the subsequent weight gain and to promote the best health for both you and your baby, you will need to know about some safe yet effective exercises you can do during pregnancy. Baby burpees seem to be an increasingly popular choice for expectant mothers who are wanting to improve their gestational health.

What Are Baby Burpees?

It sounds almost as though a baby’s burp is supposed to cure your need for physical activity, but that is not the case. After all, what’s in a name? Baby burpees are a fun and simple exercise that women can do easily while they are pregnant, even in the last trimester. Although standard baby burpees are known as being some of the hardest exercises known to man, there is actually a gentler version available for women who are in a more delicate state but who still wish to stay physically fit.

How Are Baby Burpees Performed?

It is pretty easy to understand how baby burpees are done, especially if you are already familiar with the traditional burpee exercise. Typically, baby burpees are done like this:

· Stand by a sturdy wall or chair and make sure it is secure enough to hold your weight without moving.
· Squat down while using the sturdy wall or chair as a balancer.
· Return back up to the starting position and repeat for the recommended number of reps and sets.

Just make sure that you are breathing appropriately throughout the entire exercise and never push yourself too far, or else you might get hurt. Talk to your doctor if you are unsure about whether or not baby burpees are safe for you.

What Are the Benefits?

Baby burpees serve as a full-body workout that helps make postpartum training a little easier. Staying in shape often requires that you make minor adjustments to your exercise routine, and that is exactly what burpees are for. Seen as a wonderful and safe method for improving one’s cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems, baby burpees are quickly becoming one of the favorite exercises among today’s most health-conscious pregnant women.