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The trouble your hormones can cause! Your hormones can greatly affect your everyday lifestyle. From mood swings to sugar cravings, from PMS to menopause, from weight gain to weight loss, from feeling randy to feeling no desire for sex, and the list goes on. So, here are a few exercises that can help balance women’s hormones.

Exercise in Moderation
Exercise has its benefits, especially being a great stress reliever, but unless you participate in athletic activities or in a weight loss program, do not exercise excessively.

A workout session which spans more than 45 minutes can upset your hormone levels, especially cortisol. Cortisol is great because it uses the sugar and fat in your body and converts it into energy, boosting your metabolism. But high cortisol levels can damage muscle tissue. So, do not prolong your exercise sessions, rather keep them short and intense.

Circuit Training
To make the most of your fitness session, try circuit training as it engages all the muscles in your body. To make it more effective, decrease the rest time between each circuit so your heart rate stays up. Since circuit training is so high-powered, your insulin shoots up and your body burns the sugar in your blood and breaks down more fat for energy. The increased heart rate and testosterone levels can significantly relieve your symptoms caused by the imbalance of hormones.

Another way to balance women’s hormones is through yoga. Yoga is known as a great stress reliever and makes your muscles flexible. But that is not all. Yoga is also known to lower cortisol levels and stimulate brain-calming hormones in your body. Out of all physical activities, yoga is known to relieve anxiety and improve mood levels in women, especially when they are experiencing pre-menstrual symptoms. So, if you are experiencing poor sleep, anxiety or want abs, grab a mat and get started. Do not replace yoga with your regular exercises, rather do it all as a combo.

Strength Training
Just because you are a woman doesn’t mean you shouldn’t lift weights. Weight training helps burn lots of calories and tones your muscles into great shape. It also boosts the production of growth hormones if you do fewer reps but with more weight. Don’t take the risk of injuring yourself by jumping to heavy weights right away, but build your strength over time.

The above exercises are a great way to balance women’s hormones. A combination of circuit training, strength training and yoga can boost your mood levels and also prevent long-term health issues. But always remember to consult your gynecologist if you are experiencing severe symptoms of imbalanced hormones.