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You know that you have to wear the right clothing in order to support your body while you exercise, and if you are having annoying bra issues during workouts, you could end up wasting more time adjusting your wardrobe than actually performing your reps. If that is the case when you hit the gym, check out a few tips below that will help you fix those pesky bra issues in no time.

Find the Right Sports Bra
You can’t go braless, nor can you wear your typical everyday bra (wired or wireless) while you exercise if you expect to be comfortable and get the right level of support.

Instead, in order to solve your bra issues during workouts, you have to find the right sports bra for your body.

The right sports bra will inhibit the movement during your workout that would otherwise damage the internal tissues within your breasts. So find one that provides separate cups that keep your breasts in place effectively during all types of movements.

You should also search for a sports bra that has a snug band around your body so that it will not slide as you move. However, it should also be loose enough that it will not cut into your skin. The straps, too, should not dig into your shoulders, but they should not slide off of your shoulders either.

Choose the Right Bra for the Right Activity
As you shop for a sports bra, think about the type of workouts that you need it for. After all, you will need a different bra for a workout that involves a lot of floor stretches than you would for going for a run or playing an intense sport.

If you are typically doing low impact workouts, such as yoga, grab a bra that will stay on your shoulders and that will give you plenty of freedom of movement.

On the other hand, if you are going for high intensity workouts, such as kickboxing or running, stick with a sports bra that is extra supportive and will prevent chafing. By finding the bra that suits your exercise routine, you will solve your bra issues during workouts.

It may take a bit of trial and error before you find the sports bra that is right for you, but once you do, you should find that you are a lot more comfortable whenever you work out at home or at the gym.