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It’s the fear that keeps women from doing strength training, but the reality is that bulky muscles aren’t really an issue for most women. Since so many women worry that they will bulk up if they do strength training they tend to focus only on cardio. Sure this is great for losing some weight and burning calories, but you don’t get the long term change that you want. You can shed the fat with cardio alone, but if you don’t focus on changing the muscle tone and adding strength then you won’t get the results or changes that you are after. So it’s time to learn why bulking up is not a problem for most women.

Women tend to gain weight differently than men. Their body makeup is different and therefore this is one of the biggest reasons that bulky muscles are not an issue for women. Men gain their weight differently and they also gain their muscle differently. They can bulk up a lot faster, and they can also tend to lift a lot heavier of weight in the first place. This is due to body makeup, but also due to the fact that women don’t generally gain muscle in the same areas. Men gain their muscle quickly in the arms and chest, and this isn’t the case for women.

In The End It’s About Body Makeup and Hormones

Men also have naturally higher levels of testosterone which feeds into the ability to gain muscle quickly. Since women have lower levels of this hormone, bulky muscles are typically not an issue. So when you boil it down, women don’t gain muscle as quickly or as significantly and this is what should factor into the strength training debate. Sure women can gain muscle and they should—but they won’t see as intricate of results if they put forth the same effort as a man.

Another reason why bulky muscles are not an issue for most women is due to the way that they strength train. Women have different problem areas such as the triceps, the hips, and the butt—so this is where they place most of their emphasis. So the muscles tend to build here and this is not necessarily as noticeable. Women are training to get rid of their problem areas, while men are training to add muscle to their overall physique. Women should focus on the right strength training and never worry again about bulking up as that’s not the common case for most.