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PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome) cravings aren’t all in our heads like some would like us to believe. It is however, something that is there for a reason but has been thrown out of whack. We can curb PMS cravings while we are dieting and here we will share some of why this happens and how we can achieve success.

What is all this craving about?

Since women have been women our bodies were built to procreate. Even if we can’t or we make the personal choice not to do so—there are physical things we can’t stop. We can however, learn not to give in to them.

The cravings we are supposed to have—have been overshadowed by the unhealthier choices we are bombarded by in the modern day. We have things going on in our bodies that give us urges—like sexual activity and other things that will support procreation. Craving sugar and carbs are normal—however we were more apt to eat whole foods like fruits and vegetables. Now we reach for chocolate and refined sugar and fats that are no good for us. In fact—most of the things we reach for are boosting the bad cravings well into after the period is over. The more you eat of these bad foods—the more you want.

However, the more you eat of a good food, the more you’ll want. So this is what needs to be worked on. It is a good thing sometimes to use our naturally addictive personality for the best stuff possible.

How to curb PMS cravings while on a diet:

The diets that we go on for quick weight loss are mostly carb restricted. This can throw us into a tailspin during the PMS time. We want carbs and sweets but can’t have them.

Ah, but we can have them—just in a better form. The foods listed below are the good carbs and sweets that we can have around that time that will throw off the cravings for the bad stuff. This is physical however, and not psychological. You may still “want” the chocolate but in your mind—the body will be satisfied with the good stuff and after you do this a few times your mind won’t want it either!

The good stuff:

Substitute chocolate for Carob and also cantaloup. Use honey in decaffeinated coffee instead of any sweetener including Splenda or Equal as well as a substitute for white refined sugar. All sweet fruits can and all vegetables can be used for carbs. Now, for rice—use brown not wild nor white and for potatoes—use sweet.

This will power up your metabolism and really do the trick long-term to curb PMS cravings for good!