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Dancing is a fun way of getting into shape. You can perform dance workouts to lose weight at home while watching fitness videos or listening to your favorite songs as it is a productive way to lose weight. Here are some of the popular dance workouts to lose weight for getting fit and healthy:

Zumba is actually a swift dance for toning your body and developing flexibility. Zumba enhances blood circulation and coordination and maintains a good heart rate. Zumba is considered a comprehensive cardio workout for maintaining a good heart rate.

People with knee and back problems can also try out Zumba with safety. You don’t have to be a dancer to try Zumba. It incorporates various dance forms, such as hip-hop and salsa, to spice things up.

Pole Dance
Not to be confused with what you are thinking about right now, a typical fitness pole dance class involves no audience with just a few fellow participants and an instructor who has only good intentions to help you trim down. A mix of different moves can be tried using the pole. Pole dancing is an exhilarating feeling of freeing your inhibitions and swirling does a lot of good to your body.

Another martial arts form which makes use of traditional dance movements, Capoeira utilizes conventional instruments that play an important part in this aggressive style of dance workout.

Batuka originated from Brazil and is an aerobic activity that mixes dance with martial arts. Known to increase toughness while focusing on positive energy, this is one of the most fun dance workouts to lose weight and is choreographed to tunes that are inspired by global music.

Belly Dance
Belly dance originated in middle-eastern countries and has mesmerized global audiences with melodious songs and moves. Even popular in pop culture, belly dance is a new addition in the dance workouts to lose weight, owing to the results it yields. Another fact about belly dance is that it strengthens your abdominal core muscles and relieves you of back pain. Many first-timers may feel shy doing it. However, when you get lost in the music, you can sweat your way to weight loss with a few classes.

Although there are several fitness videos available to help you learn dance workouts to lose weight and make the experience more fun, make sure you do these under the supervision of a fitness instructor or only after your doctor confirms them as safe.