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If you’re planning a destination wedding in Mexico, then you’re in for a treat. The country is practically made for weddings, particularly as it becomes an increasingly popular destination for couples visiting from other countries.

These weddings provide a tremendous amount of flexibility as a destination wedding in Mexico usually involves a limited guest list. It gives you the opportunity to share a stunning and exotic location with only your closest friends and family members. Enjoy your stay in a luxury villa rental and luxuriate on unbeatable beaches before and after your special day.

Why Have a Destination Wedding in Mexico?

Mexico offers a nearly endless range of opportunities for you to hold your wedding in your dream location. A destination wedding in Mexico can be held anywhere from beaches to cities and from jungle to a church that dates back several centuries.

Whether you want a wedding that is light and airy or riddled with culture and art, a destination wedding in Mexico can provide. Your wedding photos can include ancient ruins and modern architecture, if you want. Best of all, it is easily accessible to people from all around the world. Whether you’re coming from the North or South America, Europe, or virtually anywhere else, if you are dreaming of an exotic beach wedding, you’ve found the perfect spot.

Points to Consider to Plan Your Wedding

A destination wedding in Mexico offers many different locations. Riviera Nayarit is a top choice for people who want to leave the beaten trail for a little piece of heaven. That said, other popular locations include:

• Cancun
• Cabo San Lucas
• Mexico City
• Isla Mujeres
• Puerto Vallarta

Next, choose a time of the year. Most of the beachside locations in the country have comfortably warm, humid weather throughout the entire year. This means that you can plan the perfect day whenever you want. That said, keep in mind that there is a greater likelihood of rain and a greater risk of hurricanes from June through November. For this reason, many couples feel the best time for a destination wedding in Mexico is throughout the winter and spring.

Since it is very common to have a destination wedding in Mexico, it’s very common for resorts and hotels to offer wedding packages. This can take care of a lot of the planning on your behalf. It lets you stay with all your guests before the big day, before you move on to your luxury Mexican villa rental for your dream honeymoon.