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When you are interested in dieting and losing weight especially for the new year–you need to be careful you are not getting roped into the diet fads that promise fast and easy weight loss too quickly. The thing to remember is that weight loss is supposed to be gradual and permanent. If you don’t make it that way–then you are headed in the wrong direction.

Identifying and Avoiding Diet Fads

The companies that get you to join up to lose mega weight in a mega short time are diet fads. Why would we tell you that? It’s simple–these companies were planning their ad campaigns a long, long time ago and were waiting to nail you, post binge. And they were certainly not waiting for you to put in like 5 pounds–they wanted a good 10 or more. Remember that by the time New Year’s resolution time rolls around–it is not just what you ate in one day–but from Thanksgiving onward.

Diet Meal Deals

This is where you are tempted by established companies that launch their diet fad “lose 40 lbs for $40” ads and make millions. It is more likely you will be out $40 bucks or more before you see any real success. It is often the pre-made meal deals that get you.

There is nothing wrong with joining a nutrition-tracking program or even one that will provide your meals and snacks in the right portions, but don’t expect that it will be something fast or cheap.  These can be a helpful transition toward preparing your own nutritious and calorie-appropriate meals and snacks every day. Still, if done properly, they’re not going to make any specific weight loss promise, and the process will be a gradual one.

Extreme Diet Pills

In times of extreme hope or desperation, like when we are creating our New Year’s resolutions, that we’re most likely to believe fad diet pill products.  There are some fantastic weight loss supporting pills out there, and we’re not here to knock them. Some of the top rated weight loss pills with clinically researched ingredients can provide you with benefits such as energy, focus enhancement, metabolism support and even fat fighters. These can prove exceptionally helpful in overcoming the challenges common to starting a new diet and exercise strategy.

However, any product promising you that you can lose 10 pounds in 10 days, or that make other similar extreme promises should be considered fad diets and should be avoided. It’s more likely that you’ll be paying for no benefit at all, wasting your money, or that you’ll be placing your health at risk with potentially harmful ingredients that still don’t benefit your efforts to achieve your goal.

Gym Membership Sales

At this time of year, gyms are also dropping their prices in a ploy to get you to go. This can be a good thing. We will always be a proponent of working out, but we will also let you know that getting a gym membership can still be an incredible waste of money if it does not represent the right structure, program, and support for you.

Ask yourself some questions before you go in for any diet fads or gym membership. Realistically–knowing yourself–will you go? Will you be motivated more at the first of the year than you are at any other time?  Is the environment a positive one that is encouraging and comfortable for you? Are the resources there for you to ask questions and will you be comfortable enough to do so?

These are all very important questions to answer before you fork your money over. Any gym you won’t attend, that has a more extreme program than what you should follow, or that is not a comfortable environment for you to inform yourself and use equipment safely should be considered nothing more than a fad diet.

You Don’t Need Fad Diets to Achieve Your Goal

It’s human nature to get all excited about dieting and exercise, but we have to know ourselves better and make sure we are not just throwing good money here. We work hard, and today we have to be far more cautious about long-term commitments.

Grab a journal and ask yourself what it is you will actually do and then invest in that. If you have a friend with a membership, then maybe go as a guest with them to get yourself started and motivated. If you and a friend can get a two for one at one of the smaller chain gyms, then – if you insist on joining one – be on the lookout for that. Rather than going for the diet fads, look into anything you are interested in and really do research before jumping into it.