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You may feel as though you’ve tried just about every diet out there. Turning to diet pills is so very common for women, and with good reason. The right diet pill can help you to get a handle on your appetite and ensure that you really learn to listen to and work with your body. It’s imperative that you create a healthy lifestyle, but at some point you may also evaluate some of the best diet pills for women.

As you perform such an evaluation you want to look at what will help you, but you must also look at what may harm you too. There are some diet pills that offer far more harm than good, and therefore they simply aren’t worth it. Turning to the right diet pill can be a great jump start, but you have to know what’s right for you. If you choose wisely then you’re fine, but if you go for one of the harmful varieties then you may be at risk more than you bargained for.

Here we look at some of the most harmful diet pills for women. Though some of these may not necessarily be offered on store shelves anymore, you may unfortunately find them online sold illegally. Be sure that you are your own best advocate and then you can pick the pill that’s right for you.

Fen Phen: Though you won’t find it around much anymore, it definitely had its place amongst one of the most popular diet pills. It did feature Phentermine, but it was combined with other ingredients believed to be harmful. Taking just Phentermine alone may be fine, but the combination proved to be far too much of a liability and risk. It could cause significant heart problems and other health issues that made it far too risky for manufacturers to stick with. Therefore it was pulled from shelves, and now you may only find it online or on the black market.

DNP: Consider that at the source of this pill are ingredients that were once used as pesticides and explosives, and you understand why this is one of the most dangerous diet pills for women out there. Sure, it supposedly isn’t sold anymore, but the reality is that the FDA can’t regulate it or the sale of it.

So you can still find DNP online and the risks are far too extensive. At least one woman died while taking this as it was far too much for the body to handle. Seeing as this can be a deadly pill, it is most definitely not worth the potential benefits, no matter what your overall picture of health looks like. It’s too risky to help anyone!

Ephedrine: It is the very high levels of stimulants at the heart of this diet pill that make it a problem. Though it can be combined with other more natural ingredients and offer less of a risk, taking it in its purest form can be far more harmful than it’s worth. You don’t often see women taking Ephedrine alone, for it can really hurt women and their long-term health. So if it appears on an ingredient list then it may be okay in limited amounts, but taking it alone or combined with other potent stimulants is just not a good idea.

Meridia: This is by far one of the most harmful diet pills for women, and though you won’t find it anywhere but online, it still stands out as very risky. You will find that this can cause blood pressure and heart problems that women find difficult to cope with—and therefore the risks simply aren’t worth it. It was pulled in this form, but many of the ingredients that added to its risk may still appear. Doing your research and knowing exactly what you are getting is the only way to ensure that you don’t put yourself at risk.

A simple headache during the transition is normal, but side effects that can harm your health or put you at great risk aren’t worth it. Be sure to do your research, know what is safe for you and your health, and then choose wisely—the right diet pill can work wonders but the wrong one simply isn’t worth the potential harm to your health in the end!