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Endometriosis is a painful condition that affects many women all around the world. It occurs when endometrial tissue that is found in the uterus ends up growing outside of the uterus, where it doesn’t belong. Symptoms include irregular periods, heavy periods, and chronic pain, and the condition can even result in infertility. However, women have also found that they experience bloating and weight gain, in addition to other endometriosis symptoms. That said, is there really a link between endometriosis and weight gain?

The Research into Endometriosis and Weight

According to Medical News Today, there hasn’t been a lot of research conducted into the link between endometriosis and weight gain. However, patients have provided testimonials that show they believe that endometriosis and weight gain are linked, and that their body image has suffered as a result of the weight that they gained because of this condition.

How Endometriosis and Weight Gain May Be Linked

Despite the lack of research in this area, when you look at a few of the ways that endometriosis affects women, you begin to realize that there might actually be a real connection between the condition and unwanted weight gain.

First off, because endometriosis is a disease that is dependent on the hormone estrogen, symptoms will become more severe if a woman experiences higher levels of this hormone. Furthermore, when there is a lot of estrogen in the body, it may lead to weight gain.

Secondly, fluid retention and bloating are both considered common symptoms that are caused by endometriosis. Bloating changes the way you look, the way that your clothes fit, and the way that you feel, and you might confuse that bloating for weight gain.

Another thing to consider is the fact that, because endometriosis causes pain that can inhibit someone from getting in a great workout on a regular basis, weight gain could occur over time simply because of the lack of physical activity.

Finally, if a woman is taking a medication for endometriosis, she might experience weight gain as a side effect. A great example is progesterone treatment, which can cause patients to retain water or gain weight.

Talk to Your Doctor About Endometriosis

Even though the link between endometriosis and weight isn’t totally clear yet, if you’re experiencing unexpected weight gain and you’ve been diagnosed with endometriosis, see your doctor to talk about the symptoms that you’re experiencing, and to discuss possible solutions to your problem.