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Optimal fitness is based on many factors- height, weight, gender, and so on. The exercise requirements for optimal fitness are really simple and can be implemented into any lifestyle. In addition to exercise it is also equally as important to eat a diet that allows your blood sugar to stay stabilized. When it comes to exercise requirements your follow through and consistency is equally as important as the exercise routine that you follow.

Your routine is going to be based around your lifestyle and specifications, sure, but no matter what you do, make sure you are sticking with it. Being consistent and following through on your commitment to yourself is going to be key in achieving your optimal fitness goals. People who do HIIT, High Intensity Interval Training, reach their fitness goals in a more timely manner than people who spend lots of time at the gym.

The HIIT formula can be put into place in most workout routines. To do HIIT outside without any equipment would be basically to walk for 2 minutes, then sprint for 1 minute, then walk 2 minutes, and sprint again for 1 minute. You should repeat this sequence for about 15-20 minutes minimum. High intensity interval training can be used with gym machines as well by not only speeding up the pace, but also by increasing the resistance. Although, if you are just starting out you should begin slowly and do not push too hard at first.

Also, choosing the right diet for optimal fitness will be just as important as the exercise part of your new found healthy lifestyle. Many people are getting hooked on these new “liquid diet” trends. They are using cleanses, juices, and shakes rather than eating real food. These things are great as an on the go option but should not replace actual solid food. The best diet to adopt is one that stabilizes blood sugar such as the Paleo diet, which comes from the Paleolithic era. This is a diet based around whole foods, ones that we used to gather and hunt ourselves. No processed foods, just fruit, nuts, seeds, vegetables, grains and meat.

No matter what the optimal fitness standard is for you, these exercise requirements will help you get there both in the healthiest way possible as well as the quickest. By being consistent in a healthy lifestyle people can achieve optimal fitness. Sticking with something and not letting one slip up get the better of you is the best way to go. Another way to be successful is to make sure you are not abusing products made to compliment your diet as a meal replacement for every meal.