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Even if you stayed active throughout your pregnancy, there came a point when you had to ease up a bit and you weren’t able to do everything that you used to do before you got pregnant. So now that you have delivered your beautiful bundle of joy, it is time to try out some exercises for new moms, like the ones listed below. These are designed to help you gently ease back into fitness so that you can avoid traumatizing your body while getting steady results.

Perform Lunges at Home

Lunges are great for working your lower body, from your glutes to your calves. And the best part is that you can do them anywhere and without any weights. Of course, once you get more advanced, you can certainly add some ankle weights for a bit of additional resistance and challenge. But to start, you can perform forward lunges and backward lunges while your baby is taking a nap, or you can even perform them while holding your baby for the additional weight that your child can provide in your arms (just be sure you have really good balance first).

Go for Walks

Walking may seem like such a simple exercise, but it can have a huge effect on your overall health and on your weight after you have a baby. And this is a great exercise to ease back into your fitness routine after taking a break. Just be sure to start by going for easy strolls around town. Eventually, you could then advance to a power walk. Plus, you can add extra challenges by moving in a zigzag or walking backwards. And if you take your baby with you by pushing a stroller or even placing your baby in a front pack, you can add a bit more resistance to your routine.

Planks and Pushups

To start targeting those upper body muscles, as well as your core, start planking. You can begin by holding an upper pushup position on your hands, and then move on to holding yourself up on your forearms once you are strong enough to do so. Keep the core tucked in and your butt lifted so that your body is in one long line. When ready, you can also start doing a few pushups every day to work your arms and chest.

With the help of these exercises for new moms, you can get your pre-baby body back in no time, without overdoing it or blowing past your body’s limits. Remember to be safe and to work at your own pace.