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When you’re a working mom, it can be tough to find enough time to take care of yourself and squeeze a fitness routine into your daily life. But if you start following the tips below, you can make time for fitness as a working mom who is able to take care of her family and herself with greater ease.

Exercise in the Morning
If you aren’t a morning person, this tip could be a little tough to get used to, but if you are already the type of mom who gets up before everyone else does, why not spend that time going out for a short jog or doing some yoga at home?

If you have workout equipment or weights at home, go ahead and take advantage of them while the house is still quiet and you will not be disturbed. And if you have a gym membership, you can go to the gym and use that as an opportunity to stay fit.

Exercise During Your Lunch Break
If you are able to leave your desk for lunch, do so. But don’t just drive to a fast food restaurant to grab a quick bite to eat. Instead, pack a healthy lunch for yourself and then head outside, weather permitting, for a brisk walk. Sit down and enjoy your lunch in the fresh air so that you can feel refreshed in body and mind. This is one of the ways that you can make time for fitness as a working mom, even while you are at your job.

Squeeze in a Workout at Night
For women who prefer taking time to themselves at the end of the day when everything has calmed down and the kids have been put to bed, spending time exercising could be a great way to unwind. Beware, though, that a workout that increases your heart rate may actually end up waking you up so much that you find it hard to fall asleep. If that’s the case, you can do some gentle yoga or restorative stretching that will help calm you down and still help you maintain your fitness as a working mom.

The message here is that you don’t have to sacrifice your fitness just because you are a busy mother who works part-time or full-time hours and has a family to take care of. By incorporating workouts at the beginning or end of your day, and by squeezing in some activity even while you are at work, you can achieve the perfect balance.