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Did you know that you could benefit from getting extra folic acid in your daily diet, even if you aren’t pregnant? Check out a few of the main folic acid benefits below to learn more about how this important nutrient can help support your overall health.

Note: when we mention folate, we’re referring to the nutrient that is found naturally in the foods that you eat, while folic acid is the term for synthetic folate that you can get through supplementation.

Protect Your Gums

When it comes to folic acid benefits, you might be surprised to learn that this nutrient can help protect the health of your gums. According to Well and Good, when you get enough folic acid in your diet, it can help reduce gingivitis. That’s important because, as you age, you may become more susceptible to tooth and gum problems, and keeping your gums healthy can help keep your teeth healthy, too.

Protect Your Hair

Everyone wants soft, lustrous hair, and it turns out that another one of the top folic acid benefits is the fact that it can help your hair grow longer and stronger. That’s because this nutrient can help your body when it comes to making tissues and cells.

Protect Your Hearing

Another thing that tends to fail with age is your hearing. Yikes! Experts have determined that there may be a connection between hearing loss and a deficiency in folate, so supplementing with folic acid is a smart move.

Protect Your Heart

Protecting your ticker is super important, no matter your age. Well, taking folic acid is one of many easy steps that you can accomplish daily to help ensure your heart remains strong and disease-free as you get older. In fact, supplementation with folic acid is associated with a reduction in the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke.

Now that you have a better understanding of some of the many benefits of folic acid, consider searching for a high quality supplement that you can take as part of a nutritious eating plan.