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Do you want to transform your body and get in shape in just 90 days or less? Well, it might seem difficult and maybe even impossible at first, but the truth is that it is possible. Check out the tips below to learn how to get fit in just three months’ time.

How to Get It Done
If you want to know how to get fit in 90 days or less, you need to know what the main components are to this fitness strategy. The key is to create a well-rounded plan that includes strength training, stretching for flexibility, and cardio.

Get a minimum of 150 minutes of cardio in every week in order to burn fat and calories and improve your respiratory and circulatory systems. Then incorporate strength training for three days out of the week so that you can target all of the major muscle groups, improve your core strength and balance, and boost your metabolism. Finally, add two sessions of flexibility training at 30 minutes each. These should build even more stability, improve your joint mobility, and stretch out all of the major muscle groups as well.

The last day of the week should be used to recuperate and rest, so you can skip working out altogether on that day. If you do want to continue being active on your rest day so you don’t end up losing your momentum, just stick with gentle activities, such as tai chi, yoga, swimming, or walking.

Focus on Nutrition
In addition to exercising right and staying dedicated to your workout routine for 90 days, you also need to focus on eating right. After all, without the right nutrition, you can’t expect to get great results in a short amount of time.

Focus on drinking plenty of water and eating several small meals throughout the day to keep your metabolism going and your muscles nourished. Avoid processed foods, and ditch all of the low-fat, low-sugar foods out there. Opt instead for whole food ingredients that are natural and organic, and make your meals at home rather than ordering restaurant foods. This will help you keep your calorie intake, fat intake, salt intake, and sugar intake in check.

When it comes to how to get fit in 90 days or less, you need to set up a schedule for your workout routine, but you also need to change the way that you eat. This combination will allow your body to become stronger and leaner.