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Healthy Mexican dishes are very easy to find. The trick is to look for authentic recipes and meals as opposed to those we’re used to seeing at local fast food restaurants. If you stay at a luxury villa rental or resort that features authentic local dishes, you won’t have any trouble finding the most delicious and nutritious foods to eat.

Make the strategy to eat more healthy meals while on vacation much easier on yourself. Choose one of the luxury villa rentals with a chef who will prepare one or two of your meals every day in a private setting. Make sure those meals will be healthy Mexican dishes made with fresh, nutrient dense ingredients.

Foods to Avoid in Healthy Mexican Dishes

While you’re on vacation, no matter where you’re staying, there are certain things to look for in healthy Mexican dishes. These don’t include fried and refried items such as tortilla chips or refried beans. You’ll also want to steer clear of carnitas (a dish made with pan-fried pork), creamy sauces, chimichangas (essentially a burrito that has been fried), nachos, flour tortillas, and the custard-like dessert called flan. These are all delicious foods and you can eat them in very small amounts, but should be avoided for most meals.

Since you’re on vacation, you might feel that you don’t have to have healthy Mexican dishes at every meal. However, it’s still a good idea to try to aim for nutrition in the majority of your meals, so that you can have the occasional treat without needing to worry about its impact. Any foods made with very high amounts of fat such as from cooking oil or dairy, or that contain a lot of sugar should be limited.

Foods to Choose for Healthy Mexican Dishes

While it may seem that there are a lot of foods you need to restrict if you want to eat only healthy Mexican dishes, there are even more that you can eat as often as you want. For example, while flour tortillas may be on the restricted list, corn tortillas are not. You can also eat ceviche, toastadas, beans, grilled seafood, pozole, lean meat, lean poultry, and more.

Keep in mind that if you’re willing to keep your portions under control, this opens up many more opportunities, because you can eat a meal made up primarily of healthy Mexican dishes but still have a side of something less healthy in a reasonable portion size.