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Just when you think you’ve heard enough about the “rules” of diet and exercise—now you are being told that there are foods—even healthy ones that are keeping you fat. Well, one reason is because now, more than ever before, we are gaining more knowledge and doing more studies on this subject. Why? You ask? Mainly because of the link between obesity and disease—so—it is tedious but wise counsel to seek what you may need to know.

These 4 popular foods could be keeping you fat:

The ever popular potato chip: Actually anything made from those little white starchy things are the culprit and they wreak havoc on your blood glucose level, not to mention spiking your blood pressure. If you love the spud then make them yourself because you are in control of what is in them and you won’t have the preservatives that will also keep the fat on by affecting your hormones.

Diet soda: Yes the supposed zero calorie drinks still have a plethora of additives to give it flavor that will affect your waistline. Many studies have already pointed towards this issue—like the University Of Texas Health Science Center which concluded earlier this year 2013 that people who drank diet soda had bigger waistlines!

HFCS—fated high fructose corn syrup: This is something that everyone advises you to take in moderation but it’s near impossible to actually do. This sludge is everywhere and it doesn’t just stop at keeping you fat—it is deadly. It has in part, and that’s enough—the chemical composition of battery acid. It is found in everything from chips to soda, to juices and cereals. The trick here—we are sorry to say—read the label.

Red and processed meats: Oh no! “You can mess with my cereal and even my chips but not the steak!” Stay calm and carry on—just do it in moderation. If you love steak—limit it to once or twice weekly. Do a bit of a trade off for your health and waistline. Also try to stay away from pork, as it spikes blood pressure in those with normal BP’s. Unfortunately for many, blood pressure remains high due to the fact that it has been made a habit. The body has ways of adapting to even bad things so if you want to stay healthy—watch what tricks you teach it!