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Motherhood is a beautiful thing. However, the most difficult thing about having a baby is losing all the weight you put on during pregnancy. Celebrities who have babies tend to lose baby weight more quickly than other women do. Most people may assume this to be some sort of publicity gimmick or a result of a surgical procedure. The truth is that celebrities work harder on their looks than most people. This is why they lose baby weight quicker. There are a few tips that you may not know about losing weight after pregnancy, but losing baby weight quickly like celebrities is not a secret anymore.

Exercising Is Key to Losing Weight

Post-pregnancy women are extremely tired and exhausted from all those months of stress pre-labor. In such a case, it is perfectly natural to not want to exercise. In addition, one may not even be able to exercise properly. Women often feel stressed and weak. The trick here is to start small. A walk around the block will prove to be an effective start. You will have to deal with the fatigue for about six weeks after giving birth. But after that, you will begin to see results and you will be on the path to losing baby weight quickly.

Breastfeeding Helps Shed Pounds Fast

It may come as a surprise, but the secret to most celebrities losing weight is breastfeeding. You have to consume extra calories when breastfeeding, but most people do not know that you burn more. At an average, women require 500 more calories on a daily basis when breastfeeding. However, when you breastfeed, you can burn as many as 800 calories. In fact, many celebrities who have lost a lot of weight after having babies have revealed breastfeeding to be their secret weapon. If you are lucky enough, you may not need to do anything else but breastfeed to lose significant weight.

Meal Portioning Is Necessary

Portioning is an efficient method of losing weight under all circumstances. You can control your calorie intake and not have to go through the pain of being hungry. This same method also proves beneficial in losing baby weight quickly. Divide your meals into six or more small portions throughout the day. It will eliminate the hunger feeling and allow you to maintain a steady calorie intake.

Curb Your Cravings Effectively

Most new moms have a craving for unhealthy foods. In such a case, it is not wise to ignore your cravings. If you do, the craving could reach a point where you will not be able to control it anymore. This will ruin your regimen. Instead, if you have a craving, fulfill it, but in limited amounts. If you are craving a burger, eat half.

If you want to lose weight like celebrities do, use these tips, and you will be amazed at the results.