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If you are a woman who is getting older and has reached perimenopause, you might be wondering why your body isn’t as lean as it used to be, and why you seem to be gaining more weight even though you haven’t really changed much about your eating habits or your activity level. Well, it turns out that, according to new research, perimenopause causes lean mass loss and fat mass gain. Just wonderful, right? Read on to learn more.

What Is Perimenopause?

Perimenopause is the period of time when your body is transitioning towards menopause. Your hormones begin to change, your periods become more and more irregular, and you start experiencing symptoms like hot flashes. Once menopause is reached, menstruation stops completely.

The Effects of Perimenopause on Your Weight

According to Newswise, experts have looked at the effects of perimenopause more closely. They discovered that women who are in the transition period known as perimenopause end up losing lean body mass. On top of that, however, they more than double their body’s fat mass. Then, after transitioning to menopause, the fat mass and lean mass began to remain more stable.

What Can You Do to Gain More Control?

You can’t control what your body goes through as it naturally transitions from one stage of life to another. However, you can take steps to try to counter the effects of perimenopause, and the fact that perimenopause causes changes in lean mass and fat mass.

For example, you can change the way that you eat, perhaps by reducing your caloric intake while increasing your consumption of lean, nutritious foods that are high in fiber. Beyond that, you could take steps to increase your activity level. Exercising more is a great way to keep your body mobile and flexible, but don’t just focus on cardio to burn calories and fat. Instead, take up a weight lifting routine that can help you maintain your muscle mass as you get older. These steps combined may help you hold onto your lean mass while keeping fat gain at bay.

Now that you know that perimenopause causes these changes throughout your body, you can take more control over the situation. If you have questions about perimenopause and its effects on your body, as well as what you can do to stay healthy and lean, don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor.