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When it comes to preventing gestational diabetes, there can be no guarantees. However, the choices that are made by any woman before, during, and after pregnancy play an important part in deciding whether it will end up being diabetic or not. The more healthy habits a woman follows, the better the chances to prevent diabetic pregnancy.

Why Does It Happen?

During pregnancy, a woman can get diabetes as the growth and human placental lactogen hormones produced during pregnancy resist the effects of insulin. Although both of these hormones are vital for maintaining a healthy pregnancy, they block the action of insulin to some extent. In the case of many pregnant women, the pancreas begins to respond to this situation by generating additional insulin to conquer the insulin resistance. In women with gestational diabetes, not enough spare insulin is produced, so sugar mounts up in the bloodstream.

With time, the fetus continues to grow larger, and more quantities of the hormones are produced. Gestational diabetes generally begins to occur in the last trimester of pregnancy. After delivery of the baby, the body’s hormones promptly return to pre-pregnancy levels. Naturally, the quantity of insulin produced by the pancreas is sufficient for your requirements again, making blood glucose levels return to normal.

What to Do During Your Pregnancy?

These are some of the ways to prevent diabetic pregnancy:

Consume a Healthy Diet – Say “no” to non-healthy foods and stick to meals that are rich in fiber but low in fat and calories. Eat a large quantity of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Aim for healthy portion sizes instead of piling up your plate.

Stay Active – Pregnancy is not a disease. Exercise is reported to diminish many pre- and post-pregnancy complications and also to help you prevent diabetic pregnancy. Walk briskly daily, swim moderately, and ride your bike with care. Whatever you do, stay active.

Shed Extra Pounds Before Pregnancy – It is not recommended by any doctor to lose weight during pregnancy. But to ensure that you maintain a healthy body and a diabetes-free pregnancy, it is suggested that you get rid of any extra fat on your body before you attempt to get pregnant.

Prevention doesn’t just stop here. Even after your pregnancy, you can cut down on your risk of getting type-2 diabetes with regular exercise and a monitored-calorie intake.