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There are plenty of great reasons to breastfeed your baby, and you might already be aware of quite a few of them. But, did you know that breastfeeding also prevents obesity in children better than using formula? Continue reading to learn about the latest research into the benefits of breastfeeding.

Best from the Breast

It turns out that breast milk straight from your breast, rather than pumped into a bottle, is the best way to feed your little one, as it can help prevent obesity in children.

According to the Chicago Tribune, putting your breast milk into a bottle might not be able to provide the same benefits when it comes to helping your baby maintain a healthy weight. Babies who are breastfed naturally tend to have healthier weights than babies who are fed from the bottle or, worse yet, given formula.

Why is feeding your baby from your breast the best way to promote healthy weight gain? Well, your breast milk will have hormones and enzymes whose activity might be reduced when your milk is pumped into a bottle and refrigerated for later consumption.

Another reason why feeding your baby from your breast, rather than from a bottle, is beneficial is because babies will be able to self-regulate the amount of food they consume when they are nursing from a breast. On the other hand, when you feed your baby from a bottle, you might end up encouraging your child to drink the whole thing.

Breast Milk Prevents Obesity and Is Always the Better Choice

Even if you have to pump your breast milk into a bottle for the sake of convenience or because you have to go back to work, don’t worry. Experts want women to know that breast milk, no matter how you give it to your baby, is the very best way to feed your infant and give them the optimal start in life. No matter what, if you can avoid giving your baby formula, you’re making the right move.

Finally, experts recommend aiming to breastfeed your baby for at least six months. A study determined that babies who breastfed exclusively when they were six months old ended up having the healthiest weight by the time they reached a year. On the other hand, babies who weren’t breastfed exclusively at six months were at a greater risk of being diagnosed as overweight by 12 months of age.

There you have it: breastfeeding prevents obesity, so it’s another reason to feed your baby the most natural food possible.