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Helping Women Lose Weight and Live Healthy

Despite what the other side has to say about equality and discrimination, the truth when it comes to losing weight is women do have it way worse than men! As magnificent as it is to be able to bear a child, it comes with a lifelong price women have to pay. Our bodies are made to save energy and develop fat pockets in order to be healthy to be able to bear a baby, so as rebellious as it may seem, our bodies are simply trying to do their job–a miraculous and beautiful job, at that.

However, for women who are not looking to become mothers anytime soon, shedding off the extra pounds can be a hassle.

Unfortunately for all the ladies, the process of shedding the excess weight is as slow as the process of gaining it. Sucks, doesn’t it? But let’s not mope around anymore because you know us girls can get out of the worst of problems AND rule the world at the same time because multitasking is our thing, you know! So, here are some ideal and simple ways to lose weight while you do your thing, you know, ruling everyone’s world!

1. Cut Out the Sugars and Switch to Pure H2O
Each morning, every cup of caffeinated beverage or smoothie you put in that royal mouth of yours takes in at least 100 calories with it. So cut back on it and go with water. You can make infused water by adding some of your favorite fruits and keeping it overnight. Avoid fruit and sports drinks. Water is a healthy calorie-free alternative to others that are teeming with sugar, sodium and carbohydrates, all calorie-packed ingredients. Also, it actually speeds up your metabolism and helps melt away the fat. So, drink up!

2. Eat Your Protein
Go lean by eating the king of nutrients: protein. High amounts of protein and veggies. Proteins help you build muscle mass and reduce fat in your body. The increased muscle mass raises your metabolism, keeping you energized and powerful all day! Protein also keeps you satiated so you feel less hungry throughout the day and night. Try eating protein-rich sources, like meat (chicken, bacon, lamb, pork and beef), eggs (they are rich in omega-3s) and seafood and fish (salmon, lobsters, shrimps, and trout). Better yet, try protein powder which is 100% protein!

3. Become a Veggie Lover
The importance of eating vegetables cannot be emphasized enough. Vegetables are high in fiber, minerals and vitamins that keep your body’s nutritional requirements in check so your body does not feel like it is starving even if you’ve eaten a lot. Go for low-carb vegetables, which could include cucumber, lettuce, celery, spinach, broccoli, and cauliflower. They are great for your body, skin and hunger, and eating veggies has to be one of the simple ways to lose weight.

4. Keep Your Heart Racing Everyday
Not in the literal sense, although you could try that by falling in love, but here we’re talking about cardio. If you do cardio workouts for at least half an hour and get your heart pumping, it increases the energy requirement and the body needs it immediately. Therefore, it calls on the pounds of reserves you keep hidden in those adipocytes (fat pockets in the body), and yet it is one of the simple ways to lose weight. You can burn around 300 calories each day by cycling, skipping, and swimming, whatever gets your heart racing!