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Solo travel for women is becoming increasingly popular, and that’s fantastic news! After all, it’s a lot of fun, and there’s absolutely no reason that a woman needs to have a travel buddy with her at all times when she wants to see a part of the world on her own. There are tons of reasons to want to head off alone, from scheduling conflicts to personal preference. That said, it’s still very important to do so safely.

Solo Travel for Women Safety Tips You’ll Be Glad You Know

The following are some of the top safety tips for solo travel for women. Consider each one carefully and take it seriously to ensure that your trip is full of fun and fascination, not unnecessary risk or danger.

1 – Know Why You’re Choosing Your Destination

Solo travel for women is perfectly safe in many locations worldwide. However, this doesn’t mean that you’ll be fine alone no matter where you go. For this reason, it’s a good idea to understand why you’re choosing a certain destination. Is it because it looked great in a movie you saw or a book you read? Photos you’ve seen online. There’s nothing wrong with considering a destination for those reasons but be sure to dig a little deeper and research the place to know what it’s really like for travelers, particularly women travelers.

2 – Make Solid Plans for Your First Night

You may be one of those people who absolutely love to wing it and let the breeze guide them on their travels. There’s nothing wrong with that. Spontaneity can add to the adventure. That said in the name of safety, solo travel for women should involve set plans for the first night of arrival.

At a bare minimum, make sure your arrival time isn’t any later than mid-afternoon and have reservations at a well reputed hotel or hostel. This way, you’ll know where you’re going, and you’ll have enough daylight hours to find it. It will give you the chance to get oriented before you let your feet guide you the rest of the way.

3 – Pro-Level Solo Travel for Women Means Packing Light but Packing Smart

Understand what you’ll need at each of your destinations and pay attention to the details. Details are critical in safe solo travel for women. Be practical about what you bring.  Instead of imagining what each point will be like and packing separate supplies for them, be adaptable. Be open to opportunities as they arise and pack with that kind of flexibility in mind. Choose base colors and pieces that mix and match in your outfit and be especially reasonable about shoes. This will save you money, make you more maneuverable and will ensure that you can easily manage your own luggage.

4 – Choose a Safe Accommodation and Keep it To Yourself

Don’t bring people back to the place you’re staying. No judgment, this is about safety. Your hotel or hostel is your safe place. Don’t tell people where you’re staying and be vague about it if asked.

5 – Meet People

Just because you’re not bringing people back with you, doesn’t mean you can’t meet people. In fact, doing things with others – especially in organized groups – is a great safety tip for solo travel for women. Choose tours, themed dinners or cooking classes to spend your days – and your meals – with others. Sign up for groups. Research activities that are popular among other women and see what appeals.

6 – Keep Your Documents, Cards and Extra Cash Secure

It may seem like a good idea to keep your passport and valuables on you at all times, but if you’re robbed, that will definitely not work out in your favor. Instead, find a place to lock up your valuables securely and bring with you only what you need (plus something in case of emergencies). The last thing you want to do is have to tuck your passport in your shoe while you’re at the beach!

Have copies of all your important documents and keep spare copies with someone you trust back at home, in case yours are all lost. You are not too cool for an under-clothes travel money belt to keep your spare cash, extra cards and hotel key. All you should keep in your regular wallet is the bare minimum, because that’s the easiest piece for pickpockets to snag.

Solo Travel for Women Means Being Smart, so You Don’t Have to Be Scared

By making smart choices and being prepared, fear doesn’t have to be an issue in solo travel for women. A bit of caution goes a long way and will help you enjoy your dream trip all on your own.