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It goes without saying that squats are among the best workouts for losing weight and achieving the body of your dreams, especially for women. There is no exercise that stretches and works on your core like the squat, but at the same time, it is important to find the best form of squat to ensure you achieve the best results. So, what is the best squat variation for women? As it turns out, the answer to this question is hardly straightforward. The issue is that the effect of exercise is different from woman to woman. This is why you need to know about a few variations before you can decide which one is the best for you.

Bodyweight Squat

No, this variation of squat doesn’t involve lifting weights—or other people. In fact, you don’t need any equipment to perform this. All you have to do is stand up straight, spread your feet to ensure they are shoulder-width apart, and then squat. Make sure the position you are in leads to your knees bending and your hips moving backward. Otherwise, you won’t see the desired results. When done right, this is the easiest, and one of the best, squat variation for women.

Barbell Squat

This squat variation for women requires you to use a barbell. First off, you have to decide on the level of weight you want to lift on your shoulders. Get a barbell accordingly. Next, get into the normal stand-up position, with your feet shoulder-width apart. To perform this exercise perfectly, your feet you should be spread at twice the width of your shoulders when you are in the squat position.

Goblet Squat

You don’t need a goblet to perform this squat, but you do need a dumbbell and the willpower to go ahead with this exercise! Start off by standing straight and then moving the dumbbell close to your chest. You have to grip the dumbbell as if it is a goblet, hence the name of the exercise. You also have to squat in a way similar to the barbell squat. The technique remains the same, but the difference is in the equipment you are using to perform the workout.

These are some of the best variations of squats you can try. It is suggested you go through all of them so you can determine which ones work best for you. Then you will be closer to achieving the body of your dreams!