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As a woman, you might be afraid of working on your chest muscles because you think that a stronger upper body will lead to smaller breasts. However, do you really need to sacrifice your womanly figure to have a strong upper body?

Get to Know Your Chest Muscles

Did you know that your chest consists of a couple of primary muscles? These are referred to as the pectoralis minor and pectoralis major muscles. Also known simply as your pecs, when you strengthen these muscles, along with other muscles in your upper body, you can even improve your posture, so there are a lot of benefits that you can derive from focusing some of your workout time on your chest muscles.

What About the Effect of Chest Exercises on Your Breasts?

According to experts like those on Lifehacker, you do not need to worry about your breast size decreasing as a result of a stronger upper body that’s achieved through lifting weights. Instead, you can focus on all of the benefits that come with building the strength of your chest muscles. This should provide you with some much-needed relief, as it proves that you can go to the gym and work on your pecs without fear of unwanted consequences.

Chest Exercises Might Make Your Breasts Perkier

Another reason to work on getting a stronger upper body: it might help your breasts appear perkier. Basically, by developing the pecs, while also losing weight and burning fat from around the chest, your breasts might stand out more. Furthermore, as your muscles continue to become bigger and stronger, they may help lift the breasts so that they appear to be higher on the chest as well.

Factors That Could Reduce the Size of Your Breasts

When you are eating right and working out to lose weight, your goal is to burn fat, and that fat can be burned from various parts of your body, including your breasts. Therefore, if you are noticing that your breast size is decreasing the more active you become, it may be simply because you are burning more fat and losing weight.

Bottom line: the benefits of training for a stronger upper body are undeniable, and there is no need to worry about your breasts becoming smaller as a result of your pecs becoming larger. So, have some fun by incorporating more upper body exercises into your workout routine!