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Congratulations for making the decision to lose weight and do it in a healthy manner. As a woman, fulfilling your body’s nutritional requirements while losing weight can be a challenge—but it’s not impossible. In fact, just a little knowledge about how your body uses food will help you understand how to eat the proper foods at the proper time for successful weight loss. Women can lose weight as long as they learn this valuable nutrition information. 

A word on calories

There is a simple rule of thumb for understanding calorie intake and weight loss. You must burn 500-1000 calories more in a week than you eat in order to consistently lose 1-2 pounds per week. This is also the healthiest amount of weight to lose in that time frame—anything more and it is a crash diet and that’s a dirty word. Keeping this rule in mind, there are a variety of foods available for you to choose from to help you achieve successful weight loss. You can do this without sacrificing the vitamins and minerals that keep you healthy.

How do I time my meals for optimal results?

You are best to eat small meals throughout the day. This is the same way a person eats who is hypoglycemic (has low blood sugar) except you don’t have to have low blood sugar to take part in it. What this does apart from stabilizing blood sugar as you diet, is to set your metabolism to fast burn.

Simple and quick ideas for eating throughout the day for successful weight loss

  • Break the fast in the morning with grapefruit and whole grain cereal
  • Bring healthy snacks to work or school like nuts and raisins to eat twice—once mid-morning and once after lunch
  • Lunch should be protein and carb based. Whole grain bread with tuna or egg salad and ranch dressing or low-fat mayo.
  • Upon arriving home, another healthy snack such as a salad with chili-lime nuts, low fat cheese and a hard-boiled egg tossed in.
  • Dinner time should be balanced with a lean meat protein, two vegetables and one starch. Sweet potato is a great substitute and packed with nutrients.

The amounts you should keep in mind are:

  • 8-10 ounces lean protein.
  • 8-10 ounces vegetables times 2 portions each meal or more
  • 2 whole fruits daily or more
  • 4 -6 ounces of starch like a small sweet potato

You don’t have to be absolute. This is why these amounts should help you eyeball it and get optimal results. As with all diets, regular exercise and at least 6— 8 OZ glasses of water a day will boost your metabolism and help you feel full.