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Picking out the right teas for women can be a little bit difficult. You need to watch that you are not drinking something that is going to make you sick or mess around with your hormones. When you need to pick out some great teas for women, go for these five options for the best results.

· Black cohosh—the first best teas for women is the black cohosh. This tea is great for helping with any night sweats, hot flashes, and mood swings. It is also good if you need help with infertility issues or if your menstrual cycle is not going right. Drink just a cup a day in order to see some of the great benefits.

· Red clover—next on the list is red clover. This is a tea that is found in Africa and Asia and it has a high number of nutrients that are able to mimic how estrogen works in your body. This can help out with night sweats, hot flashes, and a hormonal imbalance.

· Chasteberry tea—do not worry about this one, it is not going to ruin your libido just because it is chaste. In fact, it is going to be able to help your libido to go up. It is also good for helping to increase the levels of dopamine in the brain and even make the hormones a little more even.

· Ginseng tea—this tea is good for the soul and the heart and it is great to help out those women who are dealing with the effects of menopause and it is not going well. It is able to help with stamina, energy, and vitality.

· Gingko tea—this is the one that you should use if you have a lot of issues with mood swings that are due to hormonal imbalances or menopause. Have some with supper each night in order to get the hormones balanced while you are asleep.

Try out a few of these teas if you are having some issues with your body as a woman. They are going to be able to help you get your energy back and make you feel as good as possible. Make sure that you drink a few cups of this each day to get the great benefits and see what the difference it can make in no time at all.