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Did you know that your Thyroid causes weight gain when it is out of whack? A thyroid disorder can really sabotage your life. The disorder is hypothyroidism and those who suffer from it simply call it “hypo”. It not only slows your metabolism down to nothing but it makes you so tired that you have to struggle through some days like you have fibromyalgia.

The aches and pains with the tiredness and fatigue makes it near impossible to workout as well. So it’s not as if you can workout and speed up that metabolism. A thyroid disorder must be tackled medically either traditionally or with naturopathic medicine but it must be controlled.

What are the symptoms of hypothyroidism (thyroid disorder)?

There are many symptoms to hypo that actually mirror other things. But here we will concentrate on the weight part. The symptoms of hypo in regards to weight is simple. If you are not only having an issue losing weight but you are gaining it rapidly without a reason–then you need to get a thyroid check. This is nothing but a simple blood test to tell your iodine level as well as a hormone test or two if you are female to rule out other things that can also cause this weight gain and fatigue to happen.

You will be placed on a special diet and thyroid medication to make sure you keep it under control. This is a condition that will need either surgery to remove the thyroid or medication for life. The surgery is a hit or miss situation and will ensure you are on medication for life. It is best to try alternative methods herbally or naturopathically that will stabilize the thyroid.

You can also combat the symptoms of hypothyroid disorder by practicing yoga. Any type of yoga is recommended with the exception of hot yoga which is sometimes called Bikram Yoga as well. Yoga is much more than stretching and twisting yourself into a pretzel. It manipulates and gently squeezes your glands and organs to clean out the toxins and balance the body in a safe way. There are also other alternative treatments like acupuncture and acupressure. These will work on the meridian lines in the body that connects the organs and such. The acupressure is less invasive than the acupuncture as this utilizes pressure points instead of needles. There is also a type of acupressure that utilizes glass cups and heat that has shown a good result with many organ disorders.

This is a disorder that must be approached and controlled before the sufferer can overcome the weight gain. Thyroid disorder doesn’t have to mean that you have to be overweight.