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Varicose veins constitute a condition that is caused by swollen veins particularly those located in the legs. The function of veins is to transport blood from other parts of the body to the heart and when the veins are damaged, the flow of blood is affected.

When the veins are enlarged, abnormally thick and twisted, they are referred to as varicose veins. The veins in the legs can be either deep or superficial. Deep veins are located inside the muscles while superficial veins can be easily felt and thus are more prone to developing varicosity. It has been argued that varicose affects the legs more than any other part of the body because there is too much pressure exerted on the legs.

There have been many theories put forward regarding the causes of varicose veins. Despite the many differences, the main cause of varicose is said to be as a result of damaged vein valves. Individuals with parents or relatives who have been affected by this condition are highly likely to suffer from varicose veins. They may have inherited veins that are weak or have few veins and as a result, there is a lot of pressure applied on the veins. Pregnant women also have a higher chance of developing varicose.

Pregnancy increases the amount of blood produced by the body. The increased blood supply exerts pressure on the veins, since they have to pump more blood to various parts of the body. The pressure may damage the veins resulting in varicosity. It is during pregnancy that the uterus enlarges. This growth increases the pressure placed on veins and may damage them. However, varicose experienced during pregnancy normally disappears a few months after giving birth. Varicose veins can also occur in people who are overweight, since the excess weight increases pressure on the legs’ vascular system.

There are studies that have proved that standing for long periods can also create varicosity, this is because there is a lot of pressure created when one is standing. People who smoke also have a high chance of developing varicose veins. Other causes may include; injuries caused to legs, a poor diet and sitting while crossing the legs for long periods. There are various forms of treatment of varicose. Women are advised to wear compression stockings, which is able to lessen the swellings of the legs. These stockings are best worn during the day

In extreme cases, varicose veins can be treated by removing the damaged veins through surgery. Overweight people can avoid damaging their veins by commencing a weight loss program. For those who do not want to suffer from varicose veins, they can avoid the condition by maintaining regular physical exercise such as walking. Standing for long periods of time should also be avoided. Vein damage can be prevented by reducing the amount of alcohol one consumes. Other means of prevention include maintaining a fully nutritious and balanced diet. Tight clothing that restricts the flow of blood also needs to be avoided.