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It’s honestly one of those things that you don’t tend to think about until you need to, but there is a really big way that weight affects fertility. For so many women they find that they spend most of their life trying to prevent pregnancy until they are ready. So many women assume that fertility will be normal and that they won’t suffer from any problems when the time for wanting a baby comes. If you are in good health then it shouldn’t be an issue, right? Well if you are overweight then it can cause more problems than you might realize. So being in tune with getting to a healthy weight and why it matters is fundamentally important overall.

One way that weight affects fertility is that it can impede upon regular cycles. When the body is carrying around a lot of excess weight it can really cause an interruption in regular cycles. Many women don’t realize this but the extra strain on the body can cause prolonged periods of time in between cycles. It may also interfere with the body’s ability to even ovulate. So a woman that is trying to get pregnant needs the regular cycles and the ovulation in order to conceive. If there is a lot of excess weight then getting pregnant may be harder than you might imagine due to irregular cycles.

Too Much Strain On The Body Can Hurt Your Chances Tremendously

Another potential problem in how weight affects fertility is that the body is carrying around a lot of extra weight that can put extra strain where it really counts. The body may have a hard time protecting conception even if it happens because it can impede on the uterus and other key organs. The organs have extra strain and that makes pregnancy very difficult. This is a more indirect issue in terms of fertility, but even if a woman gets pregnant it can cause a lot of difficulties in staying pregnant. So the short term and long term effects of extra weight may be very difficult.

In the end a woman wants the ideal environment to get and stay pregnant. If there is extra weight and strain on the body, then this works against you. So in thinking of how weight affects fertility it keeps your body from being fully prepared for a pregnancy to occur. There may be health conditions present due to the excess weight and these too can interfere with fertility. To ensure a healthy and achievable pregnancy it is so important to work towards a healthy lifestyle and to ensure that you are at your ideal weight range. This will increase your chances of proper fertility and a healthy pregnancy from there on.