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Weight gain during pregnancy is a common issue. It is always a challenge to lose it and can happen for a variety of reasons. Some of those reasons, as when you gain water, can be an issue so make sure you are having your regular pregnancy checkups.

Now, lets get down to how to avoid the whole weight gain during pregnancy.

The first thing you need to concentrate on is your eating patterns. You can develope strange cravings while pregnant and doing things like skipping meals–particularly breakfast will make a big difference in whether you overeat later in the day. Skipping meals will create cravings and will pack on the weight.

Planning meals is a very important way to make sure you are not skipping meals or grabbing the wrong stuff. Think about what you eat prior to cooking and also plan your healthy snacks. Watch how you prepare your foods and choose baking, steaming and grilling your food instead. If you are suffering from cravings then be sure to eat something healthy prior to going to a party or gathering–this is where the worst overeating and tempting take place, so if you are full when you arrive, you are better off.

if you are dehydrated it will feel as if you are hungry so make sure you are drinking water each day in a sufficient amount. Roughly 8 glasses or 4-5 16.9 ounce bottles is healthy.

Going to a movie or shopping? Then bring fruit to the movies and such so you aren’t tempted to buy the naughty stuff.

Choose the company you keep very carefully–it is just as important that you don’t hang out with people who are over eaters. People can be toxic and you have to mind who can sabotage your weight gain during pregnancy. If you can’t explain it to them, then make other plans–eat to please yourself, no one else.

When there is a person with you–you will eat around 750 more calories than you would alone. This can be an issue and maybe the biggest issue you have when you are trying to avoid weight gain during pregnancy.

Grocery shopping is another way to sabotage your good intentions. So, the way you do this is you eat prior to going to the grocery store. This way you aren’t hungry when you get there. This means a lot–not only to your weight gain during pregnancy but to your pocket as well.