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Your skin can begin showing signs of acne development due to numerous causes, amongst which change in body weight is the most prevalent. However, there are constant hormonal changes your body is going through, for which treatments can only be given when you consult your doctor and are prescribed the right medicines.

The reason why acne breakouts occur is because of constant hormonal changes. Sometimes, it can make you gain weight and sometimes lose it.

Acne can be annoying as its size and severity can differ, starting out painful, while leaving behind spots and blemishes.

Can Weight Be Responsible For Acne Breakout?
It has been affirmed. Gaining weight can lead to an acne breakout, as weight gain can be a sign of changing hormones. It can even cause painful acne to appear on the oily areas of your skin. Now what is it that makes these breakouts appear? Obviously, your eating habits! Weight loss and acne don’t happen together, as going through the weight loss phase means you are cutting down on unhealthy meals.

When you put on extra weight, your ovaries are unable to function properly, and this leads to Polycystic Ovaries. It is a syndrome that causes insensitivity to insulin, resulting in excessive hair growth, weight gain and increased appearance of acne on the T zones. Also, this can cause the estrogen level to rise, which will increase the risk of acne.

What to Do If Acne Occurs While Losing Weight?
Don’t panic. When you are going through weight loss, you are bound to increase the intake of foods that will help you burn calories. But weight loss and acne can appear together and surprise us. Let us look at what is it that can give acne breakouts a boost while going through weight loss.

Changes in Hormones
Most women prefer taking birth control pills that boost estrogen, which is essential for reducing acne. However, women who don’t take birth control pills can face acne breakouts as their estrogen levels may not be evened out because of the weight loss.

Not Getting Sufficient Nutrition
Restricting your diet to certain foods means you will miss out on some nutrients which your skin needs. While you will be able to lose weight, you might suffer an acne breakout at the same time.

Now that you know about the conditions where weight loss and acne can occur simultaneously, you can ensure your skin remains free of acne while you are on your weight loss journey. To supplement your weight loss efforts, opt for FASTCUT, one of the best weight loss pills available on the market today.