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If you have ever seen those weight loss progression pictures then you know firsthand just how effective they can be. It’s about seeing where you started from and where you are going, and this can help your motivation level big time. If you want to stick with the program and ensure that you don’t fall off track, then this can serve as a great form of accountability. Though you may not necessarily like the idea of taking pictures at the start, you may very well look forward to taking them as you move along and make progress. So think through how these personal pictures can really help to move you towards where you need to be.

When you think about weight loss progression pictures the main idea behind them is to serve as motivation. Nobody likes how they look at the beginning of a weight loss journey, for if they did then they wouldn’t be trying to lose the weight in the first place. The key is to make these a priority because each week or each month you can measure your progress in this visual way. Though sometimes the number on the scale may not be what you want it to be, you might notice the changes on your body directly. This is an excellent way of measuring where you are at and where you need to go, thus serving as one of the best motivators possible.

You Have Great Evidence To Show What’s Going On

Another reason that weight loss progression pictures work so well is that they help to keep you accountable. You know that when you have this time set aside every so often that you are going to see firsthand what’s going on. So you will remind yourself along the way not to eat the wrong foods, or you will keep with your workouts. You know that you have to be accountable by taking the picture, and this will serve as evidence of your commitment to the program. If you take a picture that shows you’ve gone backwards, then this will reinstate your accountability along the way.

Most of us are very visual people and that’s why weight loss progression pictures work so well. The number on the scale may not necessarily measure what is happening within your body each day or week. Your clothes may fit better, but you might feel discouraged along the way. The point is that when you see that picture you know that the hard work has been paying off. You can see where the fat is lessening and where the muscle is showing through. So the more that you can take and view these pictures of yourself, the more that your weight loss journey will be a successful one for you!