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I had been hearing a lot about the many benefits of fasting and going on a colon cleanse when I decided that I would give it a try.

Is this something that I would recommend to others? What was my experience like? And would I do it again? To get the answer to all of these questions, continue reading to learn about what I went through when I went on a colon cleanse for the first time.

You Will Use the Toilet a Lot!

So I went into my colon cleanse knowing that I was going to use the toilet a lot, but I did not realize just how much I would use the toilet! My advice to you, if you are thinking about going on this type of cleanse, is to stay as close to a bathroom as possible. Do not attempt to do this when you are planning an important activity, when you have to go to work, or when you are about to perform any type of vigorous activity.

I Was Surprised

As I was going to the bathroom to clear out my system, I noticed that my bowel movements were different than what they would normally be like. Let’s just say that they were different in appearance, as well as in smell. Thankfully, I had done my research prior to going on my cleanse, so I knew that these effects were totally normal. In fact, they were a sign that I was getting rid of a lot of toxic waste that had been sitting in my body for far too long.

I Felt Sick, but Then I Felt Better

Another thing that I experienced while on my colon cleanse was a shift in how I was feeling. At first, with all the running to the bathroom that I was doing, I started to feel out of it and weak. I didn’t think that this type of cleanse would actually make me feel ill, as it had promised that I would feel better. To counteract those feelings, I made sure to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Before long, thankfully, I began feeling like myself again. And at the end of the colon cleanse, I actually felt better than I did before I started.

So there you have it: that is my experience with a colon cleanse. I think it is a good way to reset your body and clear everything out, but I am not sure if I would necessarily do it all again. I think that I will stick with losing weight by eating right, exercising, and taking a safe weight management pill that I can purchase over-the-counter instead. Phenblue diet pills have always worked well for me.