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Is it yet another unfair disadvantage—do women need diet pills more than men? You may see men simply think about losing weight and then taking it off without any effort at all. It may not seem fair, but this has much to do with the differences in women’s and men’s bodies and how body weight and body weight changes can occur.

For instance, women have a tendency to gain weight in some of the problem areas that are so much more difficult to shed. Not only that, but men have some very distinct advantages that help them with the weight loss process. So if you are wondering why this is and how it all works, here are the secrets.

Some Women Need Diet Pills More Than Men Because of How They Gain Weight

Let’s start with the basics as we consider whether women need diet pills more than men. Here’s the thing—women gain weight differently than men. While men tend to gain their weight in the gut or the belly area, this is not true for women.

Men can easily get rid of the belly fat with very little effort in comparison. Women tend to gain their weight in the hips, butt, and thighs and these are very difficult areas to lose the weight from. So the problem starts with our body makeup and this has much to do with women’s bodies being able to carry babies. 

It’s About Basics and So Much More

Men also gain muscle faster than women. So when both a man and a woman start out on an exercise regimen, the man will almost always find success sooner. It’s easier for a man to gain muscle and why this matters so very much is that muscle burns fat and calories faster. More muscle means a faster and more effective metabolism and therefore weight comes off much quicker. So while a woman may be working out, it will be harder for her to gain the muscle and therefore lose the fat.

Women also tend to have a harder time controlling portions and cravings. Do women need diet pills more than men? Well yes because women are more likely to skip meals and then overeat and diet pills control the portions that come about. Not only that but women tend to crave things easier and that means that a diet pill can benefit them in this way as well. So while it may not seem fair at least you know why, and this is why diet pills may be an excellent choice for women everywhere.

What Are the Best Diet Pills for Women?

If you’re a woman who believes taking a diet pill could be beneficial for you, it can help to know what products are considered to be the best diet pills for women. After all, there are all sorts of weight loss pills on the market from appetite suppressants and fat burners to fat blockers.

First and foremost, it is important to know that while some women need diet pills, not every weight management aid on the market, prescription or non-prescription, may be the best choice for you. To find the product that is best suited to you, it is important to first narrow down your options by:

  • Determining how much weight you want/need to lose – Do you want/need to lose 10 pounds or 100 pounds?
  • Learning what your main dieting struggles are – What do you struggle with the most? Do you need help controlling your appetite? Do you lack the energy you need to be more active? Or is it a combination of both?
  • Considering the lifestyle changes you may need to permanently make – Remember, losing weight is only part of the process, maintaining your weight loss and managing your weight after it’s been lost is a lifelong commitment.
  • Consulting with your doctor – Your healthcare provider is always an excellent resource and can help you to find the type or weight management treatment or strategy that makes the most sense to your health, needs and lifestyle.

Not all women need diet pills, but if you are among those who do, never forget that no pills work like a miracle. Ultimately, losing unwanted fat and keeping it off over the long-term requires commitment to a healthy calorie-conscious diet and regular exercise, among other behavioral changes.