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Lifting weights can give you the slim, toned, and sexy body that you want, but if you’re new to weight lifting and strength training, follow the women’s weight lifting advice below so you can take the safest and most effective approach.

Always Start with Low Weights

Have you ever lifted weights before? Or has it just been a long time since you lifted? Either way, it’s best to start off slow and steady, using low weights. Rather than loading up that barbell at the gym, focus on light weights that won’t end up shocking your body. You don’t want to cause excessive soreness or risk getting hurt. Instead, you want to build up your strength gradually. In time, you’ll be lifting a lot more weight, but you can certainly start with 3-lb. or 5-lb. dumbbells and still get a good burn.

Work with a Personal Trainer

Another important piece of women’s weight lifting advice is: hire a personal trainer. The invaluable advice that you’ll receive from a trainer will ensure that you’ll get the results that you want and you’ll be using proper form to prevent injuries. This is especially important if you really don’t even know where to begin when it comes to weight training. A personal trainer can provide guidance and spot you every step of the way so you can feel and look great.

Keep Improving

If you keep doing the same number of reps, or you keep using the same amount of weight, you won’t get the same results that you’d get if you upped the intensity. So as you get stronger, don’t be afraid to challenge yourself by switching to heavier weights or performing additional reps.

Give Yourself Time to Rest

When you work out with weights, your body will become sore because you’ll be pushing your muscles to new limits. Giving yourself a day of rest after a total-body training session is important, but you should also rest muscle groups for about two days after you train them. This will ensure that you can build those muscles without getting hurt.

By keeping this women’s weight lifting advice in mind, whether you’re planning on working out at home or at the gym, you’ll be able to see your muscles grow in no time. Combine your strength training routine with a stretching routine for flexibility, and also be sure to add some cardio to your routine to get your blood pumping and your metabolism revving.